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From one hour to one week the Blue Mountains have some of the finest wilderness walks on the Planet! BME offer short trekking tours through to extended expeditions, our trekking program was created to suit all ages and abilities. From windswept heathland to lush rainforests and towering sandstone cliffs the potential is enormous!

All of our walks are guided on a private basis - As such, we don't offer the absility to book in with existing groups- Our trips are personally guided outings ensuring you have simply the best Blue Mountains experience possible!

Introductory Trekking

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

If you’re fond of magnificent views, famous lookouts, and iconic scenery, then look no further than Prince Henry Cliff walk, in Blue Mountains National Park.

Following the cliff edge from Katoomba Cascades to Gordon Falls, near Leura, this moderate walking track boasts some of the best views in NSW.

With over 20 lookouts offering magnificent views of Jamison Valley and three waterfalls, this track is a visual delight at any time of year. From Echo Point Lookout, you will also see the iconic Three Sisters.

trekkingprince henry cliff walk n a

Level: One

Fitness: Easy

Duration: 4-5 hours (approx)

Distance: 7km

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Lockley's Pylon

Named after the Journalist Jack Lockley who supported efforts to preserve and protect the world famous Blue Gum Forest.

This classic easy walk promises fantastic scenery that very much showcases the awesome natural beauty of the Blue Mountains’ escarpment!

Leaving from Mt Hay Rd, North of Leura, we will wander through a variety of native vegetation types on our way to the lookout - Short heathlands, woody scrub and open woodland forests- In spring time this walk is particularly beautiful as the native wildflowers are in bloom!

Our final lookout (Lockley’s Pylon) is particularly spectacular being one of the finest viewing points in the greater Blue Mountains region.

trekkinglockley s pylon2 n a
trekkinglockley s pylon trekkinglockley s pylon trekkinglockley s pylon trekkinglockley s pylon n a

Level: One

Fitness: Easy/Medium

Duration: 4-5 hours (approx)

Distance: 7.5km

Elevation Gain: 340m

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Intermediate Trekking

National Pass

This walk is a Blue Mountains classic which amply showcases this rugged, awe inspiring landscape, - huge cascading waterfalls, towering sandstone cliffs and epic valley views.

From the Conservation Hut we walk along to join the Overcliff / Undercliff walking track which sees us skirt along the rim of the plateau. On the way we will pass through classic native heath lands, hanging swamps and stop at several notable lookouts with stunning views over the Jamison Valley.

As we head towards Wentworth Falls we are soon exposed to the best views of the areas’ most famous waterfall and a wilderness photographer’s dream!

The following section takes in the iconic National Pass walking track, where we cross the top of the falls and make the airy descent of the Grand Stairway. At the bottom of the staircase we find ourselves below Wentworth Falls.

The final leg of our walk is possibly the most beautiful of all. We follow the cliff line around and into the Valley of The Waters.

We begin to ascend now, past Sylvia Falls and then on to the base of Empress Falls. A further short section will bring us to the finish of our trek back at the Conservation Hut

trekkingnational pass n a

Level: One

Fitness: Medium

Duration: 5 hours (approx)

Distance: 7km

Elevation Gain: 895m

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Blackheath & Junction Rock Circuit

A very challenging yet very rewarding day in the Blue Mountains.

We begin our trek at Evans Lookout, then travel down past the foot of the Grand Canyon and descend further towards the Grose Valley. The vegetation through this section is classic cool temperate rainforest including home to many Coachwoods, Sassafras and Tree Ferns.

The Rodriguez pass section takes us past Beauchamp Falls, a great place for some photos then downhill through the boulder fields and onwards to Junction Rock.

Junction Rock is situated at the meeting point of Greaves Creek and Govett’s Creek. From here we follow the uphill track alongside the watercourse.

Beginning our uphill leg we steadily ascend around 660 meters to regain the plateau. Our ascent brings us to the base of Govett’s Leap Falls, the highest waterfall in the Blue Mountains. From the base of the falls our route follows a steep trek up through the towering cliffline, following sections of the track that are embedded within the cliff itself. From Govett’s Leap, we have amazing views over the Grose Valley and the 180m tall Govett’s Leap Falls.

trekkingblackheath junction rock circuit n a

Level: Two

Fitness: Medium/Hard

Duration: 7+ hours (approx)

Distance: 11km

Elevation Gain: 960m

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Expedition Trekking

Grose Valley Traverse

This fantastic walk descends into the Grose Valley and visits the world famous Blue Gum Forest.

Our walk commences on the Lockley’s Pylon Track- A relatively easy yet incredibly scenic route across the top of the Plateau. After we reach the edge of the escarpment the impressive views that reveal themselves will mark the opening highlight of our journey.

From this high point we start an adventurous descent from Du Faur Head. This track is a lesser used entry point into the Grose but is easily the most interesting and inspiring variant.

We drop 650m in elevation on the section leading to the junction of Govett Creek and The Grose River. This feature is a worthy spot for lunch before we visit the majestic Blue Gum Forest. From Blue Gum Forest we will continue along Govett Gorge to our overnight camp at Acacia Flat.

Our second day will see us leave our wilderness camp and commence the uphill trek to our Valley exit point.

This day is challenging, with a gain of 760m from start to end, however, this is one of the most impressive walking routes in the region! We pass Junction Rock and continue up through temperate rainforest to the base of Govett’s Leap Falls. From the base of the cascade the track begins a steep uphill section and then straight up through the cliffline!

When we gain our high point at Govett’s Leap we can look back across much of the outstanding terrain we have just traversed.

Completion of this two day trek is an impressive outdoor achievement through an equally impressive landscape!

trekkinggrose valley traverse n a

Level: Three

Fitness: Hard

Duration: 2 Full Days

Distance: 12km

Elevation Gain: 1030m

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K2K Expedition

The legendary Kanangra to Katoomba Trek is the Blue Mountains very own “Haute Route” a truly iconic multi-day trekking adventure that rivals the World’s best!

While similar in distance to the Six Foot Track, this 45Km 3 day walk quietly overshadows it’s more popular sibling in every way. This is an explorer’s bushwalk & truly highlights what a Blue Mountains Expedition is all about!

With a very early start on our first day, we’ll begin our expedition with a scenic drive from Katoomba through the rolling hills beyond and into the wilderness of the Kanangra Boyd National Park.

This area is considered the most rugged wilderness in New South Wales- and only minutes from the car you will see why! The gorge that falls away from the plateau is breathtaking & wild.

Our walk begins by traversing Kanangra gorge and steering us North toward Katoomba.

The next 3 days take us past iconic and historic locations, visited only by those with a true sense of adventure. Mount Cloudmaker, Strong Leg Spur, The Wild Dog Mountains, Cox's river & Tarro's Ladders to name but a few.

This iconic and difficult walk will test the legs & endurance of any adventurer. A true explorer's walk through some of the most astounding wilderness that Australia has to offer.

Level: Four

Fitness: Very hard

3 Very Long Days!

Distance: 45km

Elevation Gain: LOTS!

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